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Smart Way Communications is Eastern Ohio’s Highest Rated High-Speed Wireless Internet Provider.

Plans As Low As $55/mo

Internet Service With More Features & Less Hassle

Signing up for wireless internet doesn't have to be hard. We make the process simple and easy. Our Ohio-based customer service and technical support staff are ready to help you.

No caps or usage restrictions

No hidden fees

No Surprise Bills

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

High-Speed Internet for
Rural & Hard to Reach Areas

About Smart Way

At Smart Way Communications we believe in thinking differently about providing high-speed internet to rural and hard to reach areas. We want you to have the best customer experience possible and once our internet is up and running at your home or business, we don’t want you thinking about us again. If you aren’t thinking about us, we are doing our job! When you get your bill, it should be simple to understand and not have a bunch of unknown charges you did not agree too.

Person typing on laptop with circle graphic stating plans starting at $55/mo

How Much Internet Speed Do I Really Need?

Not all networks are created equal. Oftentimes people will equate a provider’s advertised speed to usage happiness. There are many factors that provide for fast and seamless internet usage. Contact us to see what high-speed plans are available in your area.

Have questions?

Give us a call at 740-254-8201 and we would be happy to discuss.

Experience Internet Service You Can Count On

Whether you're streaming a new tv show, working from home, or playing your favorite game, our wireless internet will keep you connected with uncapped and unlimited high-speed internet.

Have The Entire Family On The Internet - At The Same Time!

However big your family is, we have you covered! Surf, stream and work online seamlessly without the worry of a slow speed internet connection. Multiple users can study, work and game at the same time.

Work From Home Without Having to Fight for Bandwidth.

Attend Zoom meetings, and view files, with the luxury of uncapped and unlimited high-speed internet. Download/upload large files (software, updates, large email attachments, etc.), run a VoIP phone system, stream music, and more.

Get The Edge On Gaming With Dedicated Bandwidth.

Fast downloads, clear voice chats and no lag, it is a gamer's dream! We are gamers at heart, so we understand how a slow internet connection can ruin your gaming experience. Our fast and reliable fiber optic network will level up your game.

Support Is Just A Click Away

Visit our support center to find quick and easy answers or contact a support agent.

Consistent Wireless Internet Speeds Day & Night

Stop Fighting Your Neighbors For Bandwidth During Peak Usage Hours

Aerial view from a Smart Way Communications tower
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