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High-Speed Internet & Whole-Home WiFi. Coming Soon to your Neighborhood!

Goodbye buffering and spotty WiFi.

Get more from all your internet and connected devices!

Upgrade to High-Speed Internet for faster searching, steady streaming, and superior gaming. Enjoy Whole-Home Wi-Fi: smooth, seamless internet access throughout your home. No more dead zones; just consistent, reliable coverage for the best internet experience.

Your Local Internet Provider

This is OUR Community Too.

We are your neighbors, your friends, your peers. Like you, we were frustrated with the limited service and reliability of existing internet providers in our area. We always seemed to have connectivity problems and when we called technical support the customer service was horrible. We knew there had to be a better way.

We started this business with a vision of providing high quality internet service backed by hometown customer support. We started small and have steadily grown, expanding into many rural areas of Eastern Ohio.

Smart Way Communications office building exterior

About Smart Way

Smart Way Communications, LLC is a high-speed wireless internet and data services company headquartered in Tuscarawas County. Smart Way provides wireless internet connection to residents and businesses in the county, including rural and underserved areas, and is expanding into new areas. Smart Way prioritizes improving infrastructure and upgrading its network in order to provide the fastest, most reliable service.

Lauren International Office Building

About Lauren International

Lauren International, Ltd. is a vertically integrated, global company with a strong sense of horizontal perspective among its highly diversified subsidiaries that include WJER Radio, Lauren AgriSystems, LMI Custom Mixing, Retail Product Solutions, Smart Way Communications and Flite Test. All Lauren International companies are united by the same goal: “to bring vision and thought leadership to their respective industries using a combination of industry best practices, market excellence and technical expertise.” To learn more about Lauren International, visit or call (234) 303-2400.

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