We Know You Have Questions! We have answers!

A: Our service is delivered via fixed wireless. This means we use a series of towers and fiber optics to deliver the internet to you through the air.  

A: Our service is NOT satellite. Satellite services are typically capped, slow, expensive and unreliable. Our service is the opposite! We are unlimited, fast, affordable and reliable!!

A: Our service has ZERO data caps! It’s truly unlimited, use as much as you’d like!

A: Our service is a modern broadband service. Stream video, play games, use social media, etc. all at the same time!

A: We are located downtown at 319 E 3rd St, Uhrichsville, OH 44683

A: Our billing portal is https://billing.thinksmartway.com or you can call us at 800-340-9093. We also accept checks in the mail at 319 E 3rd St, Uhrichsville OH 44683.

A: To restart your equipment you should locate your POE brick. It’s a small black or white brick with two ethernet ports and one power cord. It will have POE and LAN as the labels on the ports. You will need to unplug the power from the wall for 30 seconds.  Next, find the power cord going to your router.  The router will be a small box that was plugged into the POE brick.  You will unplug the power to it. After 30 seconds you will want to plug power for both devices back into the wall. It’s very important you DO NOT press the reset button on either of these devices.  Pressing this button will factory reset the equipment and require a service call to restore your service!

Plans Starting at $49.99!​​

As a locally operated service provider, we are excited to serve the community with high-speed internet services for an affordable price. We provide rural and urban areas or Tuscarawas County with top notch high-speed internet.

Find Out If You Are In Our Coverage Area!

If service is available at your address, we will let you know! If service is not available at your address, we will add you to our expansion notification list and let you know when something changes as we continue to expand.