Fast, Reliable, and Affordable Wireless Internet

Tuscarawas County Rural and Urban High-Speed Internet.


No caps or usage restrictions
 No hidden fees
 No credit checks or contracts
 No foreign technical support

Have The Entire Family On The Internet - At The Same Time!

However big your family is, we have you covered! Surf, stream and work online seamlessly without the worry of a slow speed internet connection. Multiple users can study, work and game at the same time.

Work From Home Without Having to Fight for Bandwidth.

Attend Zoom meetings, and view files, with the luxury of uncapped and unlimited high-speed internet. Download/upload large files (software, updates, large email attachments, etc.), run a VoIP phone system, stream music, and more.

Get The Edge On Gaming With Dedicated Bandwidth.

Fast downloads, clear voice chats and no lag, it is a gamers’ dream! We are gamers at heart, so we understand how a slow internet connection can ruin your gaming experience. Our fast and reliable fiber optic network will level up your game.

How Much Internet Speed Do I Really Need?

Not all networks are created equal. Oftentimes people will equate a provider’s advertised speed to usage happiness. There are many factors that provide for fast and seamless internet usage. The chart below is meant for a baseline understanding of which package is best for you with Smart Way’s high-speed internet packages. Have Questions? Give us a call at 740-254-8201 and we would be happy to discuss. 

15+ Mbps

Ideal for 1 or 2 People
  • SD video streaming
  • Regular browsing
  • Music streaming

20+ Mbps

Ideal for 2-3 People
  • HD video streaming
  • Casual gaming
  • Great for small families

25+ Mbps

Ideal for 4+ People
  • Ultra HD streaming
  • Frequent gaming
  • Perfect for big families

30+ Mbps

Ideal for 6+ People
  • Simultaneous HD streaming
  • Simultaneous gaming
  • Heavy users and families

Why Spend More When You Can Get Better Service for Less Money?

Unlike other network providers, we take the time to match your usage needs with the lowest priced package designed to match the necessary bandwidth to your required usage. Meeting your needs is our mission!

Consistent Speeds Day and Night!

Stop Fighting Your Neighbors For Bandwidth During Peak Usage Hours.


Fixed wireless broadband provides broadband internet through radio waves. This offers you access to the internet via radio waves carrying the broadband signal from the receiver to the router in your home or office. This helps us provide internet connectivity in rural areas that have less infrastructure to support the other forms of providing internet services.


Locally Owned and Vested in Tuscarawas County

Located in Downtown Uhrichsville 

As a locally operated service provider, we are excited to serve the community with high-speed internet services for an affordable price. We provide rural areas with top notch high-speed services.

We are driven by our dream of providing connectivity to even the remotest of local areas. Our team continually works hard to increase our coverage area and service to Tuscarawas county. We continually make investments in maintaining a solid network  to provide uninterrupted network accessibility to our customers.

Our local presence makes us feel more responsible to take ownership of the local community’s needs. We are highly vested in taking care of our local customers and take pride in delivering our promise of fast, affordable high-speed internet.

Find Out If You Are In Our Coverage Area!

If service is available at your address, we will let you know! If service is not available at your address, we will add you to our expansion notification list and let you know when something changes as we continue to expand.